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Best Places to buy electronics in Singapore

Singapore is famous for electronics and it is often considered as hub of technology. If you watch T.V in Singapore, you will find a lot of deals on the latest phones, laptop, and tablets. The Great Singapore sale from May through July attracts many visitors from across the globe because of unbelievable discount on electronic products.

But find out whether Singapore stands to its reputation for a paradise for gadget lovers or not. Below are some recommended spots that might be helpful for everyone who want to buy gadgets from Singapore:

  •  Mustafa Center:

Mustafa Center Singapore

 Mustafa Center is one of the most popular malls of Singapore. It is open 24/7 which makes it an ideal one stop destination for gadget lovers. The best thing about Mustafa center is that you will not need to bargain, as their price undercuts most in Singapore.   It sells a range of stuff, from electronics to clothes to toiletries pretty cheaply. Sim Lim Square and Mustafa’s are within walking distance of each other. For electronics, the salesmen work professionally and don’t mind removing the packaging so you can inspect the product. If you don’t like what you see, it’s fine to say thanks and then just walk away. Read the rest of this entry